Right door lower panels
                     Balaam and his Donkey                                            The Tree of Jesse                                                      King Solomon

                                 Grotesque Mask                                                 A Miracle of San Zeno             The Exorcism of the Daughter of Gallienus   
Two miracles of San Zeno, who became Bishop of Verona in 362. The centre panel is described as 'San Zeno and the bound ones' but what the miracle was I have been unable to find out. What is interesting, however, is the representation of Zeno himself. He was, apparently, a keen angler, heading off to the river Adige whenever he wasn't required for miracles or ecclesiastical duties.
   The panels showing Gallienus are somewhat confusing, as Gallienus, Roman Emperor, ruled almost a hundred years before the time of Zeno. The legend persisted: there is a painting of Zeno exorcising Gallienus's daughter by Fra Filippo Lippi in the National Gallery in London.

     Daniel interprets the dream of Nebuchadnezzar      San Zeno and the Horse and Cart                             San Zeno and Gallienus
The central, damaged image shows another miracle by Zeno: as he was fishing, he saw a horse and cart run out of control. He was able to calm the horse by making the sign of the cross.

                        The Sacrifice of Isaac                                                      Noah's Ark                                             St Michael Slaying the Dragon
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