Right door upper panels      
                       Creation of Eve, The Temptation                 God condemns Adam and Eve                       Expulsion from Eden
                                                                                                         who hide their nakedness

                Adam and Eve at work: Cain kills Abel                  The Dove returns to the Ark                                The Curse of Ham
In the third panel the top scene shows the sons of Noah covering his nakedness, while the lower scene shows Noah cursing Canaan, the son of Ham.

                             God's Promise to Abraham                       The Hospitality of Abraham                               The Sacrifice of Isaac

                              The Tablets of the Law                                   Moses before Pharoah                                     The Bronze Serpent
  The central panel should really be the first. The scene above Moses and the Pharoah is interesting; my interpretation is that is shows an angel killing the first born, and a figure painting the blood over a doorway.
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