Left door lower panels

                                              The Flagellation                                          The Crucifixion                                            The Marys at the tomb

                                   Descent into Limbo                                               Resurrection                                                    Grotesque mask
The Descent into Limbo has difficult-to-identify figures. The usual cast is Christ, Satan, Adam and Eve: John the Baptist is often included, and occasionally King David. I would identify the large figure on the left as Satan, while Christ is on the right, just outside the door. Might the figure whose hand he is holding be Adam? The pair of legs disappearing down the hole belong, presumably, to someone who is not going to be saved.

                 The Beheading of  John the Baptist                               Salome's Dance                                       The Banquet of Herodias
Strangely, John the Baptist's head seems to appear in all three panels. In the beheading scene, John seems to be managing quite well without his head.

                        The two mothers before Solomon                  The Expulsion from Eden                     The Death of Abel, Adam at work
Three miscellaneous scenes from the Old Testament appear at the bottom of the door.
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