Mantegna - the San Zeno Altarpiece. Predella 3

The Resurrection. A extraordinary image: a glowing Christ emrges from a sarcophagus; behind him are what look like flames, but  are in fact the heads and wings of angels. Christ has come to life, and so has the vegetation, growing out of the tomb. Jerusalem is in the distance on the right.
  The emotional faces and twisted bodies of the waking soldiers is a very special feature; often in resurrection images they are shown fast asleep.  Some are looking astonished, some quite alarmed. On the left side of the predella, in the Agony in the Garden scene, the Apostles are fast alseep; the waking soldiers provide a balance to that image.
  The second image is the nineteenth century version, now part of the altarpiece in San Zeno. Oil on canvas contrasted with the original tempera on panel.

Musee des Beaux-Arts, Tours.

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