Mantegna - the San Zeno Altarpiece. Predella 2
The Crucifixion. Once again, full of animated figures. The figure on the right will be St John, who resembles his image on the side panel. Behind is the Virgin, comforted by the Marys. To the right of the cross, soldiers gamble for the robe of Christ, which is held above their heads. Below the cross the skull of Adam has appeared. The setting of Golgotha is unusual in a number of respects: once again, Jerusalem is behind, in a spectacularly rocky landscape. The paved ground is full of holes from previous executions. On the right is what appears to be the entrance to a cave will bones outside; the cave suggests the tomb of Christ. In the foreground are the tops of two figures. Incomplete figures are unusual in art at this time; their position draws the viewer into the scene. They have been omitted from the copy in San Zeno.

Louvre, Paris
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