Duccio: The Maesta

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Duccio: The  Maesta  - Luciano Bellosi (Thames and Huson, O.P.)

Good sized reproductions of each element. Probably the sort of book that no longer sells in the age of the internet which is probably why it is out of print, , but it had a useful introduction.

Sienese painting - Timothy Hyman (Thames and Hudson)

The Nativity, The Passion, the Resurrection - Geza Vermes  (All in one volume, Penguin Books)

Invaluable in sorting out the various versions of the gospels and explaining the historical background to the events.

Mother of God - a history of the Virgin Mary - Miri Rubin. (Allen Lane)


Duccio's complete works on-line.


The web's finest art resource, with an excellent study of the Maesta.


Maesta front panels Maesta rear panels Introduction

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