More Aestels

The Warminster Jewel, found in Warminster, Wiltshire: now in the Salisbury Museum. White rock crystal with gold filigree strips and a stone of blue glass in the centre.

The Minster Lovell Jewel, found in Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire. A round disc of gold with a patterned enamel plaque. Now in the Ashmolean Museum.

The Bowleaze Jewel, found at Bowleaze Cove, Dorset. Gold, with a blue stone of glass in the centre. Now in the British Museum.

The Borg Aestel was found in the ruins of a Viking Chieftan’s hall at Borg, Loften Islands, Norway. It is generally thought to have been looted from England during a Viking raid. Now in the Lofotr Viking Museum at Borg.

The Yorkshire Aestel, found in Aughton, Yorkshire. An animal head with blue eyes, one missing. Privately owned.

The Bidford bobble. Smaller than other aestels, found in Bidford-on-Avon in Warwickshire.  Now at the Warwickshire museum.

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